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A5 Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin

NOTE: Please make sure to select the appropriate weight option for your order. This cut is sliced from 320 to 350 grams and about 3/4's to one inch thick per serving.

Authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu is considered one of the most coveted cuts of meat in the world. With a BMS (Beef Marbling Standard, ranging from 1-12) of 8-12 , and with American Angus Beef on average only reaching 2-5, it is literally off the charts good comparatively. We guarantee the authenticity of our A5 Grade Japanese Wagyu.

Our A5 Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin steaks are cut approximately 1.5 to 2.5 inches thick, depending on the portion of the filet it is carved from. We trim it to produce a restaurant-style filet mignon cut.

Sometimes referred to as the king of all steak cuts, the intense marbling of the beef (since it is A5 grade) plus the extreme tenderness of tenderloin makes for a literal melt in your mouth texture. Each serving is approximately 320g-350g.